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Riveon AG

Welcome to Riveon AG – your partner for energy management and driving the energy transition. We offer innovative solutions to stabilize the grid and accelerate the transition to green energy. Our customized solutions help to make the grid infrastructure more efficient, resilient and environmentally friendly.

Our services:


Working closely with grid operators, we shape the consumption and production of electricity for balanced and secure grids.


Our Energy Hubs can be positioned flexibly and, equipped with renewable energy sources such as solar, hydro and wind power as well as battery storage, respond to load fluctuations in the grid.


The circular economy is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. We use waste heat by supplying companies in the district heating sector, green housing, fish farms, greenhouses, etc.

HPC (High-Performance Computing):

We produce digital assets in our high-performance data centers. Our energy hubs contribute to a flexible distribution of the power load – always adapted to the needs of the grid.

🤖 DRIVEN BY AI – NEXXUS EnergySuite: AI-supported software controls the entire infrastructure from a control center – and has been tested and recommended by professionals.


You'll find the implementation of a proof-of-concept for a smart grid in the picturesque landscapes of Sweden. We are currently working on the provision of:

 30 MW high-performance data center
 180,000 m² for sustainable tertiary operations
 200,000 m² solar park for green electricity production

In addition to our location in Sweden, our smart grid projects extend across various territories, including Finland and Switzerland. We will soon be expanding further into Germany and Spain to shape the future of the energy landscape there too.

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